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Limited Space, Unlimited Possibilities

In this project we collaborated with Vahanen Oy. Vahanen offers residential-based property management and total renovation services. Our main brief from Vahanen was to find new ways to activate and engage the residents and make them vitalize their own neighbourhood. We used user inspired design methods like ethnography, co-design and co-creation to collect data. We also facilitated workshops.


After preliminary research, we got inspired by the empty street with many parking spaces during the daytime. We started to think that maybe some of this parking area could be used in some other way. To activate and engage residents to the temporary solutions they must be involved in the planning process at a very early stage.


The idea behind the Poppari -concept is that during the house renovation, residents has a chance to create their own space in their neighbourhood. Building a new idea is done simply by selecting the main theme for the Poppari -service such as sauna, greenhouse, kiosk or art wall. 

Teamwork execution with 

  • Lara Jasim

  • Jukka Jokinen

  • Eleanor Xinye Du