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Millenial Cruise

A ‘floating hostel’ experience

Our aim was to expand the market by creating an affordable cruise that delivers a social, active and casual atmosphere that is more attractive to our target group of young travellers. Millennials accustomed to travelling with a backpack and staying in hostels where they can meet new people. We took inspiration from this current market to create a new concept for cruising, with an emphasis on socializing for easy and affordable ways.


In the open kitchen and dining area passengers can prepare their own meals and socialize. The open levels are for casual socializing, inviting people to spend time with other passengers. They are also multifunctional spaces that can be adapted to different activities, and passengers can choose their preferred activities, such as a movie night.


The ship’s new layout will encourage passengers to spend time away from their sleeping quarters, and instead socialize and enjoy activities together in communal areas. Every passenger has their own sleeping pod to rest and have privacy if needed. The possibility for increased capacity through use of sleeping pods as well as reduced need for services on board would ensure affordability.


Teamwork execution with 

  • Chiho Kojima

  • Hou Lin

  • Rahel Manurung

  • Izzan Soedarsono

  • Riikka Suominen