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CREADESIGN OY / User interface

of the Helsinki City Design Manual

The project has completed by Creadesign Oy.

Client: City of Helsinki, Public Works Department.

Displayed for client in 2016.


Helsinki City Design Manual (Helsingin kaupunkitilaohje) is a website directed at designers and administrations who are in charge of the city’s public space. The manual is to be used to form consistent and high-quality city environment for Helsinki. 


The purpose of this project was to create an easy-to-use wireframe for user interface of the Helsinki City Design Manual The manual is a website where different users can find information about the city’s public spaces.


Usability testing

The wireframe prototype was put into practice with computer assisted Axure RP -software. It was then tested with future users with usability testing and in a closed web-environment. The testing was carried out with future manual users from the City of Helsinki, City of Helsinki, Public Works Department and WSP Global (consultant company) and Helsinki City Planning Department. Based on the results the prototype’s structure and usability was developed further.


The contents were developed further after the project. 

The link for the Helsinki City Design Manual: http://kaupunkitilaohje.hel.fi


Teamwork execution with 

  • Hannu Kähönen, Creadesign Oy

  • Jaakko Kemppainen, Creadesign Oy

  • Heidi Hyytiäinen, Creadesign Oy

  • Jari Mäkynen, Ramboll Finland Oy


I was responsible for the usability testing and creating the prototype with the Axure RP -software. Throughout the project I interacted with different administration members. The whole project was carried out by three designers. The client was presented with a demonstration of components and the wireframe of the user interface. 


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