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Service Design Project -course in Aalto University Open University in December 2016


The course consisted of a group project themed Service as a Mobility. Right at the start we picked car commuters as a focus group, because we wanted to offer them eco-friendlier options. We interviewed friends and family members who commute by car to get honest and personal data. The point was to find out what kind of desires our focus group had about the future of travelling.


EcoRider is a peer to peer marketplace and a service provider for flexibly renting ”light” mobility solutions. The service offers a good range of different, sustainable ways of getting around for example bicycles and e-bikes, cross-country skis, skates, kicksleds, roller skis, sledges, segways, cargo bikes and as the latest addition electric skateboards.

Teamwork execution with 

  • Hanna Castrén-Ollila

  • Minni Kanerva

  • Marja Roine