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Commuting by E-bike

The project has completed by Creadesign Oy.

Clients: HSL (Helsinki Regional Transport Authority), HKL (Helsinki City Transport), the city of Espoo and the city of Vantaa. Displayed for clients in 2016.


The project for promoting e-bikes as a great option for commuting, was granted a state grant for mobility management by the Finnish Transport Agency. The project’s goal was to design a service model as a part of HSL’s services that encourages people to use e-bikes instead of cars. 


In spring of 2016 we invited Sito Oy, Vantaan Energia Oy and Zipuli Oy to join the project. Three employees from each company took part in the experiment by commuting by e-bike. The employees tested the e-bikes for one week. We sent survey links to the participants before and after the experiment. Both surveys consisted of the same questions about motivational aspects related to the e-bike commuting. This helped us to see how these aspects shifted during the experiment. The radar chart shows blue as “before” and green as “after” answers.


In designing the service model, we took into consideration the benefits it could offer employers, employees, and the clients.

Teamwork execution with 

  • Hannu Kähönen, Creadesign Oy

  • Jaakko Kemppainen, Creadesign Oy


In the project, I was a service designer and a project manager. As a service designer, my duties included background research, organizing workshops and designing the service model with the rest of the team. As a project manager, I was in charge of project planning, cooperation with stakeholders and contacts from the companies, preparing meetings and writing the final report.

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